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Webex Webinars

An Event Services Webex Webinar is hosted and managed by a professional Event Producer.

Up to 3,000 attendees may join the webinar using the browser app or by downloading the desktop app. Mobile device users must download the mobile app and then enter the meeting password; your Event Producer can provide the password. Computer, call-in, and call-me telephone audio options are available, as are H.323 or SIP connections.

This platform is ideal for webinars, virtual conferences, and other formal presentations.

What to Expect: Organizers

Organizers will initiate a request on this site. Immediately on submission, an email receipt is generated, containing the ticket number that will follow the event throughout its lifecycle.

Our scheduling staff will respond to the ticket within 48 hours with connection details and other necessary information, including an Event ID and a link to real-time registration reporting, if registration is requested.

Organizers should expect to be contacted by email at least 48 hours prior to the event by the assigned Event Producer. If the event will include polling, polling questions will be requested.

Following the event, attendance, chat, and/or polling reports, as applicable, will be delivered by email from the Event Producer. If requested, recording will be delivered for download via a file transfer application.

What to Expect: Panelists

Every event begins with a private 30-minute pre-conference for panelists to prepare for success, have audio and video quality checked, organize and preview materials, review run-of-show, etc.

Panelists join using a singular, shared link and are presented with audio options after connecting to the webinar interface. A panelist may join the private pre-conference by telephone only using the two-part dial-in details provided in the Event Instructions.

To ensure the most complete feature set and best quality, we suggest panelists join from the desktop client.

Computer audio may be used, however, if a panelist’s local bandwidth is limited, telephone audio may ensure audio quality and consistency.

What to Expect: Attendees

Attendees are provided or registered to receive a link to join the webinar at the scheduled start time. Access will be allowed at 10 minutes prior to scheduled start for most events.

Attendees may join by desktop using either client-based or browser app.

Attendees will be presented with computer audio and telephone audio options after joining the event.

Event Reports

If you require pre-registration for your event, you will receive a link to access registration in real-time.

Following your event, all applicable reports – attendance, chat, polling – will be delivered by email from your Event Producer.

Event Recording

Web conferences may be recorded, with content delivered as a file (.mp4 or .wmv), which may be accompanied by a written transcript or .srt (caption) file, or hosted for on-demand replay.


Webinars polling features are flexible and robust. Bring a basic question or two to your private pre-conference and your Event Producer will create them on-the-fly.

Slido polling is also available and supports multiple choice, open text, word cloud, rating, and ranking polls, with summary reporting. Alternatively, native polling functionality offers multiple choice or open text polling with individualized results reporting.

If your requirements include many or more complex polls, we’ll ask you to provide them at least 24 hours in advance so that your Event Producer can provide the additional service time to prepare them.

Breakout Sessions

The Webex Webinars platform offers a Breakout Session feature to facilitate small group discussion and collaboration for up to 100 breakout sessions in a single meeting. Attendees must select which breakout session to join.

Within a breakout session, attendees engage using audio, video, and shared content. At least one Panelist should be assigned the Cohost role to mute and unmute attendees who wish to speak. Some features available in the general meeting are not available in breakout sessions, including captioning, polling, and saving chat. Breakout sessions cannot be recorded. Attendance reports are available for breakout sessions.

Accessibility Features

Webex Webinars include several features to increase accessibility and comprehension for your participants.

Automated AI-created captioning is enabled for all meetings with the option to show/hide as desired. Accompanying this feature is a real-time running transcript of the meeting that can be opened/closed as desired.

Automated Transcription: An AI-created, real-time transcript is available for attendees to switch on/off as desired.

AI Captioning: AI-created captions are also available for attendees to switch on/off as desired.

Captioning: Captions created by your professional captioner and presented within your webinar.