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Intellor for Government Webinars

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Intellor for Government (IFG) Webinars

An Intellor for Government webinar is hosted on a FedRAMP authorized platform and managed by a US citizen. Up to 1,000 attendees may join, be invited, or register to access the webinar by desktop, mobile device, or browser and may be provided with computer and/or call-in (toll) telephone audio options.

An Intellor for Government webinar recording, inclusive of an AI-created transcript, is hosted for playback on the platform; access may be managed by registration or passcode. The standard hosting period is one month; custom schedules are supported.

Intellor for Government webinars may be added to AT&T customers’ EIS, standalone, or state contracts. Contact [email protected] and we will engage your AT&T sales representative to add this service.

Technical Information

Intellor for Government webinars run on the FedRAMP authorized Zoom for Government platform. You may test your connectivity here:

Panelists and attendees may join by desktop – app (suggested for panelists) or browser – or mobile app.

Webinars may provide computer audio, telephone (toll) audio, and/or H.323 or SIP video connectivity. Note that, while Zoom for Government utilizes 256-bit AES GCM encryption, allowing telephone or video endpoint connections will result in the webinar being only partially encrypted.

What to Expect: Organizers

Organizers will initiate an Intellor for Government request on this site. Immediately on submission, an email receipt is generated, containing the ticket number that will follow the webinar throughout its lifecycle.

Our scheduling staff will respond to the ticket within 48 hours with connection details and other necessary information, including an Event ID that will be reflected in billing.

Of note: we require you to provide panelist name and emails in advance of the webinar so that we can issue them unique invitations to join, and we also require any third-party survey link in advance.

Organizers should expect to be contacted by email at least 48 hours prior to the webinar by the assigned Event Producer. If the webinar will use registration, a registration report will be included in this email. If the webinar will include polling, polling questions will be requested.

Following the webinar, attendance, Q&A, and/or polling reports, as applicable, will be delivered by email from [email protected].

Lastly, requested recording links will be delivered by email, as well as a registration report (if registration was requested) at the conclusion of the recording hosting period.

What to Expect: Panelists

Every Intellor for Government webinar begins with a private 30-minute pre-conference for panelists to prepare for a successful webinar, have audio and video quality checked, organize and preview materials, review run-of-show, etc.

Panelists must be invited, in advance, to access the pre-conference. Organizers can add panelists when requesting the webinar or at any time prior to its start by contacting [email protected]. Each Panelist will receive an email with unique connection information from Intellor for Government Webinars [email protected].

To ensure the most complete feature set and best quality, we suggest panelists join from the desktop app; browser-based and mobile app connections are available.

Computer audio may be used, however, if a panelist’s local bandwidth is limited, telephone audio may ensure audio quality and consistency.

A panelist may join the private pre-conference by telephone-only using the three-part dial-in instructions included in the panelist invitation email.

What to Expect: Attendees

Every Intellor for Government webinar begins with a private 30-minute pre-conference for panelists. During this time, attendees will be held on the web page until the Host allows entrance.

Webinar attendees may be provided a link to join the webinar at the scheduled start time, or required to pre-register or be invited. In the latter two cases, attendees will receive unique connection instructions by email.

Attendees may join by desktop using either app-based or browser-based access. Mobile device users must install the appropriate app.

Attendees may be presented with computer audio and telephone (toll) audio options after joining the webinar, depending on the configuration. Telephone only access is not available for attendees.

Webinar Reports

If you require pre-registration for your Intellor for Government webinar, your registration report will be delivered by your Event Producer 48 hours prior to the webinar. If you require an additional, advance copy, email [email protected].

Within 24 hours, your webinar attendance, Q&A, and polling reports will be delivered by email from [email protected].

Attendance Report FAQs

Attendees will be segmented by role – Host (Event Services’ connections), Panelists (all presenters/speakers), Attendees (joined to Zoom), Other (which may include telephone or video endpoint connections.)

For a panelist dialed in by phone-only, a phone number will appear in parentheses next to the name entered by our Event Producer.

An Attendee may appear more than once. If an attendee experiences a local disconnect/reconnect, the attendee will be reported more than once, in sequence. Alternatively, an Attendee may appear both as an Attendee and as a Panelist, indicating that the Attendee was promoted to or demoted from the Panelist role by the Host.

An attendee’s web and telephone connections, by name and phone number respectively, will reported on separate rows.


Webinar Recording

Your webinar recording, inclusive of an AI-created transcript, will be hosted for playback on the Zoom for Government platform. The standard hosting period is one month, but you may request a custom schedule. You may choose an open link for direct access or place an access control in front of your recording, either:

Passcode: You will provide us a passcode the viewer must enter to access your recording.

Registration: Viewers will be required to register with name and email to access your recording. A registration report will be delivered when your hosting period ends.

If you wish to extend your hosting period, simply email [email protected] within 5 days of your scheduled hosting period’s end.

Accessibility Features

The Zoom for Government platform provides several features to increase accessibility and comprehension for your attendees. The nature of your audience and the priorities of your organization will dictate which feature(s) best suit your webinar.

Automated Transcription: An AI-created, real-time transcript of your live webinar.

Captioning: Captions created by your professional captioner and presented within your webinar.

Interpretation: Multiple language channel technology built to enable your interpreter(s) to provide simultaneous interpretation for your webinar attendees.

Polls & Surveys

In-webinar polling features are flexible and robust. Bring a basic question or two to your private pre-conference and your Event Producer will create them on-the-fly. If your requirements include many or more complex polls or quizzes, we’ll ask you to provide them in advance so that your Event Producer can provide the additional service time to prepare them.

Post-webinar, you may use any web-based, third-party survey product to engage attendees. Simply provide your link to [email protected] at least 24 hours prior to your webinar and we’ll load your survey.

Q&A Feature

Zoom for Government provides a “Q&A Feature,” which is enabled by default. If you wish to disable this feature, you may make that request either when scheduling or by emailing [email protected] before your webinar.

Our recommended use of this feature is as the exclusive written communication method for attendees. Through the Q&A, attendees may request technical assistance from the Event Producer and submit program-related questions.

During the pre-conference, your Event Producer will recommend configuration of the feature based on whether you intend to address questions verbally and/or in writing, and whether you wish questions to be anonymous, private, or public.

This approach simplifies the attendee experience while also reserving the Chat feature exclusively for panelist communication during the webinar.