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Did You Know?

How Event Services can make your audio, video or web conference better.

Have a question about any of these features? Contact your Account Manager – am[at] or 301.250.7200.

Simplify a Series of Calls with a Recurring Access Code

Juggling virtual and hybrid workforces and battling video fatigue, you may be looking to leverage audio-only calls for recurring meetings – especially internal ones.

Event Services can make your recurring calls easier by creating a call series with a recurring phone number and access code. That means your region dials into the meeting at the same toll-free number and using the same access code every time.

Interested? Just ask for a ‘recurring number’ in the special instructions field of the scheduling form.

Track Registration Source

If you have ever promoted a meeting using multiple communication channels and wondered which were most effective, Event Services can help.

With source tracking you can see who clicked your link from which source: an invitation email, your Facebook page, Twitter, YouTube, or any other platform you specify.

Whether you’re interested in improving turnout or determining the optimal way to reach your audiences, we can provide the insight you need.

Customize Event Registration

If you would like to customize your registration or entry page, Event Services can work with you to make it happen.

Whether you’d like to add a logo and company colors or learn more about your registrants by asking targeted questions, our Event Management System (EMS) makes it easy.

Interested? Select pre-registration required as the attendee join process when making your request.

Communicating Last-Minute Event Changes

Have last-minute changes to your conference and are worried whether and how it will impact participants?

Our Event Management System (that’s the “EMS” you see on our conference pages) enables most changes without impacting dial-in numbers, join links or registrations. So, if you need to make a change but want to make sure it’s seamless for your participants, your account manager can work with you to communicate the right information. 

Enabling Real-Time Conference Interpretation

Planning a call that will require real-time interpretation in one or more languages? If you provide the interpreter(s), we can handle the rest.

We’ll host parallel calls to provide a seamless, simultaneous experience for all callers.

Inviting Your Audience to an Event

Need to limit your event to a set list of attendees? Want to make the join process as simple as possible for them?

It’s simple: you send us your list, we register them for the event and email connection instructions, and they will be able to join quickly and easily with the provided information. Select Invitation Only when requesting your call or webinar.

Polish Your Conference Recordings

Sometimes a conference recording would benefit from a tweak or two before distribution. Need to remove an internal Q&A before sharing publicly? Want to avoid embarrassing your speaker by removing a slide with a typo?

Event Services is happy to help. Just submit a request for editing.

Monitor Callers (or Chat with Operator) During Your Teleconference

Event Services’ visual conference monitor can give you a view of how many are connected to your call, how many are queued for questions, and the ability to chat with your operator.

Using our conference monitor with pre-registration or invitation-only access will also show you the names of those registered, connected, and queued for questions – making for a powerful pairing on sensitive calls.

If you’d like more information or a quick demo, please reach out. If you’d like to add a conference monitor to your next call, simply select it in the Audio/Visual section of the scheduling form.