Web conferencing

Have questions about your next web conference? We’ve compiled some FAQ’s to help you out. You can also contact our team if there’s a specific question you need help with.

Scheduling FAQs

Can I request a series of webinars?

Yes. Select the “Regular Recurring” or “Custom Recurring” checkbox and then schedule additional dates.

Can international callers participate in my event?

Yes, just be sure to select the appropriate options in the “Attendee Audio Options” section of the form.

What captioning support do you provide?

For live conferences, we can either provide automated transcription OR bring your CART provider into the conference for high-quality, human service. For recordings, we can provide a time-stamped captioning file to accompany your .mp4 recording or embed captions in your .wmv recording.

What audio options are available with my webinar?

Audio options follow the conference platform, as well as selected features and services. Options include:

  • integrated telephone dial-in or call-me (US attendees)
  • discrete telephone dial-in (pre-registered, invited and non-US attendees)
  • computer audio (all attendees)

When will I receive my video endpoint connection information?

You will receive conference-specific H.323 or SIP connection information 48 hours ahead of your webinar.

Conference audio

Select your preferred audio from the options provided on the web conference entry screen, then, click the green Join Event button to enter the session.

Need an International Phone Number? Send a chat to the Event Producer

Conference video

Displaying Live Video: Click the Start Video button at the bottom of the screen to start streaming your video feed to the audience.

Viewing Live Video + Shared Content: Video Strip view allows you to see multiple video thumbnails above shared content. Side by side view allows you to see the active speaker in a larger window beside shared content.

Viewing Live Video-only: Grid view allows you to see multiple video feeds at the same time in a collaborative layout. Active Speaker with Thumbnails allows you to focus on the active talker as the primary video view, with smaller video thumbnails of other participants.

Conference communication

Viewing the Chat Panel: For ease of in-event communication, open the Chat Panel using the corresponding icon located at the bottom of the screen.

Technical tips

Can’t install the conference plug-in? Look to the bottom of your screen for a temporary connection link.

Can’t see the conference video? Video will cease if your available bandwidth is too low – if possible, switch to a wired connection with adequate bandwidth. If that’s not possible, rest assured that non-video content will still be available to you, and video will resume if your bandwidth improves.

Can’t find your registration confirmation and connection instructions? Check your email box, including spam folder, for your confirmation – it will have come from [email protected]

Conference recording formats

Content only

Content + single video feed

Content + mutiple video feeds

Single video feed only

Mutiple video feeds

Audio conferencing

Have questions about your next audio conference? We’ve compiled some FAQ’s to help you out. You can also contact our team if there’s a specific question you need help with.

Scheduling FAQs

What is a Comm Line?

A teleconference – separate from the main conference and private speaker line – that enables real-time coordination between conference organizers and A/V staff onsite and the Event Producer.

What is a Private Speaker Line?

A separate, private pre-conference for speakers and the Event Producer to discuss call logistics and conduct audio checks. Standard audio entry for speakers is 15 minutes and standard web entry is 30 minutes prior to start time.

How many speakers can join the Private Speaker Line?

You can have as many as needed, but keep in mind that all speaker’s lines will be open for the duration of the call.

Where do I find the Host Code?

Event Services is always the Host – so you will never receive a Host Code. All speakers will join as participants – most often on the private speaker line.

What is a Conference Monitor?

Yes, select “Conference Monitor” to receive a link to access the web-based view of the audio conference, attendees and question queue, as well as the means to communicate by chat with the Event Producer.

Can I request a series of calls?

Check the “Regular Recurring” or “Custom Recurring” checkbox to include a schedule for the additional events

Can I request a recurring access code for my series?

Recurring Access codes are used when you need to provide the same access code for multiple events (usually a series).  Request in the special instructions.

Can I customize attendee IDs for a controlled access call?

Yes, please specify request in the special instructions that you require customized attendee ID’s.

Where can I find international dial-in information?

Your scheduling confirmation will contain a link to lookup available numbers.

Software plug-ins

Select the correct plug-in for your browser and conferencing platform below.

Scheduling: general

Have general questions about scheduling with Event Services? We’ve compiled some FAQ’s to help you out. You can also contact our team if there’s a specific question you need help with.

Scheduling FAQs

How can I request a specific Event Producer?

In the “Special Instructions” field, simply register your request for a particular producer. Our team will fulfill your request as long as schedules allow.

Do you provide bi-lingual Event Producers or translation services?

We do have bi-lingual Event Producers equipped to communicate with your speakers in multiple languages. Note your language request in the “Special Instructions” field and our team will fulfill your request as long as resources are available. While we do not provide live translation services at this time, you may request a translated transcript in the “Special Instructions” field.